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Sounds good deva, I ALWAYS get hungrier when I'm working out, but I know that I'm doing better for my body so even if I'm eating more, I know I've burned more calories as well.
The weekend went much better than I expected it too! Woohoo! I had a smallish piece of cake and a few drinks (spread over Fri, Sat parties and Sunday V-day dinner) and other than that everything was pretty clean!!

So do have to say that I made V-day dinner for the bf and I out of Tosca Reno's cookbooks and it was sooo good!
For our first course, I made Green Pea and Basil Soup of of her new Eat-Clean Diet Recharged book, then I made one of my bf & my favorite dishes, salmon! I used the directions on how to brine salmon in her first cookbook. Then I roasted some veggies and made Quinoa with sun dried tomatoes to accompany the salmon.
It was a larger than usual meal but it was DELICIOUS!
And for the final course (The best part of dinner according to my bf & I), he actually helped me make Tofu Creme Brule from her hardcover book (yeah I know, I have a lot of her books!) and it was AH-MAZING! In university I worked at a really upscale restaurant that had an amazing creme brule and I never thought I would eat a better one, let alone one without tons of egg yolks and such! This was probably the best dish I've ever had of one of Tosca's recipes. It was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

Yum! Hope you guys had a great V-day!

Mini Goals:

Goal 1: 1st 10lbs: 178
Goal 2: Overweight BMI: 177
Goal 3: My lowest weight since University: 163
Goal 4: MY lowest weight since high school: 159
Goal 5: Healthy BMI: 147

**Eating clean from morning til night!**
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