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Ok stories will turn out to be "not so much"....

Knucklehead nephew got back into town from Virginia last Monday....said he needed to report to the NAVY base here in San Diego by the 10th...he will stay with Angie and I on week-ends and with my daughter and sil during the week, since they live close to the base. Well my daughter texts me on Thursday and says pray for Knucklehead...he was supposed to report on the 3rd and is "shaking".....

I tried to get a hold of him...finally he calls back and says all is OK...there was a mix-up and he was not in trouble....he still had time to report but went to work anyway...which, according to him when he came by tonight on his way to the beach to surf, was a good deal...he says his new boss loves him for reporting early...

which is fine because I am gonna kill him for tracking sand all through my kitchen

plus I had to loan him $20 for gas so he could go watch his sister cheer for the last basketball game....aaarrrgggghhhh

GOLF ~ A little over 4 years ago we had a young man from church killed in Iraq He was an outstanding young man, a couple of years older than my son, and someone my son looked up to and a kid I admired for his kindness to not only my son but other kids at our church school. Each year since he passed away we have had a fundraiser golf tournament in his honor. This year will be the 5th one...we have raised over $40,000 and all that money has been given to kids in need for scholarships to attend our church school. I sponsor a 4-some each year which is usually my son and son in law and 2 of their friends....they then use the money they would normally pay to golf...$100 buy tickets and stuff that goes back into the kitty...this year they are selling 500 golf balls which will be dumped on the first hole from a helicopter...the first ball that goes into the hole wins $500...or the closet to the hole. I bought 5 balls....

well kinda...I was talked into it 5 balls but had no problem, Angie was going down on Thursday to teach yoga...she can pay...well...tonight she tells me she thought it was $20 per she wrote a check for $100...instead of $50....

All I can say is Sunday is Valentine's Day...I better get paid back.....
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