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Originally Posted by Karen925 View Post
The weights are another thing to think through.
I don't know if my 4# sledge hammer (shovel glove) is enough
or do I need something more.
One for each hand lets say.
At my age, size, and life-experience, heavy weights are not for me.
I have a 4 lb long handled sledge hammer for shovelglove
and a 6 lb long-handled sledge hammer for shovelglove.
After exercising with the 4 lb for about a year,
I increased it to a 6 lb one, however, the 6 lb seemed twice as heavy,
and I found it very hard to use.
and stopped doing shovelglove after only about 4 mo with the 6 lb.

However I recently began using the 4 lb for Shovelglove again
and just as I did before, I'm starting with only 5 minutes a day.
This time I've decided that my final time will be 10 minutes a day,
and I may choose not to ever use the 6 lb again.

I've learned it is a mistake to compare myself and my exercise activities
to the exercise of younger, stronger, more athletic women.
I believe that what I choose to do daily, is really quite impressive...
considering my age and my lifetime of inactivity,
especially considering that, even as a child, I chose not to participate in sports,
and I do not enjoy participating in, or even watching, any type of sports activity.

I can admire athletes, without wanting to be like them.
For example I admire runners,
even though I personally lack the Herd Instinct,
and don't understand why ANYONE would enjoy
running for miles and miles with a crowd of people.

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