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Just to be clear, the plaintiff isn't asking for 5 million in damages for herself. She's looking to start a class action suit, with many people who purchased the supplements, the total damages associated being less than 5 million (so, for example, if 10,000 people purchased the supplement and joined the class action, she anticipates that the judge would award them less than 500 dollars each).

I think that, given Jillian's reputation is an expert who believes in "natural" products and losing weight "the right way and not with gimmicks", she had a bit more credibility than your average supplement manufacturer, and therefore might take some people in who would otherwise not go for diet pills. Much as I love her, her response to the lawsuit (as posted on TMZ) doesn't reassure me much...since she's basically saying that it IS a magic pill and appears to be basing a lot of her authority on how many people are using the products, not the number of people who have had significant results, and essentially spins it to a sales pitch at the end:

"The Jillian Michaels line of weight control products is the #1 line of natural weight control products in the United States. Unfortunately, anyone can file a lawsuit in California. (Click through to see the rest)

All it takes is a $355 filing fee. Not only have placebo-controlled, double-blind, published clinical studies been conducted on the active calorie-control compound in Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control, but that research was reviewed by some of the leading weight-loss experts in the world before Jillian would put her name on the product.
The lawsuit will be handled in the courts like all other lawsuits, and we are confident we will prevail. In the meantime, thousands upon thousands of men and women around the United States are using Jillian's Maximum Strength Calorie Control.

To anyone questioning the product's effectiveness, we suggest you try it for yourself. Remember, no weight-control program or product works for everybody. That's why there's a 30 day 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee."

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