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Weekly Update - Week 9

Starting Weight - 260 lbs
Current Weight - 220 lbs
Loss This Week -1 lbs
Total Loss - 40 lbs

Well, I was kind of worried about this. With losing 5lbs last week and weighing-in the morning after my second biggest binge on plan it frankly could have been worse. I was really hoping for at least a 2 to get into the 210's, but hopefully I will see a bit of an extra bounce next week not carrying post-Superbowl weight

Also overall it was a decent week, but not one of my strongest, especially in the gym. This week I'm on the road most of the week, so hope I can do a good job and keep making progress.

Nutrition Observations

Mon - 1624 cals
Tue - 1789 cals
Wed - 1221 cals
Thu - 1820 cals
Fri - 1744 cals
Sat - 1895 cals
Sun - 2973 cals (Superbowl potluck party)

Well the only thing interesting this week was that my overall calories was a little higher than usual but still within my targets except for Sunday. That might be correlated to my lower loss, but I'm not going to make any adjustments yet.

Did a pretty good job on eating to be honest, it seems to be getting easier and easier.

The obvious outlier was the Superbowl party which I posted about earlier today. One thing to add to that post was how crappy I felt after my poor eating Sunday night. I didn't feel that bad mentally, because I prepared for that evening all weekend, and didn't cheat that much more than I was prepared to. But I really felt crappy physically later that evening and this morning. It was the most suger and fat I've had in over a month so I guess it's not surprising...well I guess it is, because 2 months ago I could have eaten way more junk food than that and felt fine.

I'm going to take that as a good sign!

Exercise Observations

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Gym
Thursday - Nothing
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Gym
Sunday - Rest

Well, this week was a little worse than usual in terms of hitting the gym. Thursday and Friday were super busy with appointments and constant meetings and I just couldn't get away during work hours and had plans after work both days. A little disappointed with Thu/Fri b/c I probably should have found a way to go to the gym at least one of those two days.

The 4 days I did go to the gym though I had good workouts, put a lot into it and worked it out pretty good. My overall fitness level is increasing slowly.

One big accomplishment was this week I ran a mile on the treadmill consecutively for the first time sine I started this process!!! That was great, I usually do multiple miles each trip, but jogging has hurt and I just haven't been able to just run a straight mile.

I was doing my walking warmup, and just turned the treadmill up to 6 to run a bit at the end of the warmup. I felt really good so just kept running and ended up doing a mile!

Looking forward to next week
Challenging week this week as I'm on the road for 3.5 days. Going to continue to try the same behaviours that have worked for me in the past.

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