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Amy, You made a comment about losing slower with the band! I have thought alot about that and glad you brought it up!

I am so sick and tired of losing the same 30 pounds every single year. I don't care how long it takes me to lose weight with the band as long as I can stop this absolutely awful cycle of lose and gain, lose and gain every freakin year. I am afraid, very afraid that at some point I will just give up the fight and then I will be in a very very sorry state health wise, and head wise. I am five (5) pounds lighter this year as I was last year but inbetween the calander months I took off and regained 40 pounds or more. I just can not keep it off. I have done this for the past umpteen years. I have managed to keep off the original 30 I lost almost 4 years ago but the rest paaaatooooooeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy.

So, I look forward to the slow and steady continuous loss!!!! Sounds very happy to me and I am so glad to hear that you are doing well. Sometimes I read your signature at the bottom of your posts about the catepillar and just sigh....and think, I need a bit of courage! (and perhaps Dorothy's red slippers!

Anyway, I digesss, nothing unusual there! I do hope to meet with you and Jiff! BUT! Around here it is wrestling season and it wreaks havoc on any play time that I may get! Keep me posted as to your plans and I'lll see what I can work out!

Thanks again, Amy, I appreciate it!
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