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Hey Peach! ! !

Okay Here are some questions to ask:

~Ask about post surgery diet. (liguids, mush for how long)
~Ask about pre-surgery diet (some US docs recommend a liquid diet for a week before surgery)
~Ask about fills, whether they are included or not. My doc includes fills for his fee ($8500) but I have to fly to San Diego to get them.. Which is still cheaper. Darn, a weekend away. Shucks...(and a write off on my taxes to boot *LOL*)
~Ask about soda and alcohol. Whether you can or should drink them after surgery, some docs say yes, some say no.
~Ask what size band they use. 9.75, 10, or 11. (I have a 9.75 band). This will determine how soon you may need a fill. My band is smaller and holds only 4 cc's of fluid. The 11mm holds 9cc's and requires more fills for some people.
~Ask about follow up care in case of band slippage (very rare) or port problems. (also rare)
~Ask if they use the newer INamed port (the smaller one) or the older one (the older one has had more port problems)
~Ask how many lap band surgeries he has done (under 50 would be a warning sign to me...he would still be in his learning curve).
~Ask how long you will stay in the hospital after surgery.
~Ask about sutures, staples or steri strips on the incisions. Each doctor uses a different method. I has sutures that I took out myslef 10 days after surgery.

I'm sure there are more to ask, but that's all I could think of off the top of my head.
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