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Originally Posted by giselley View Post
well sure-- If youve ever seen a job description that says that the applicant must lift 100 pounds continuously, that really means "no women can apply"

Probably true more often than not, but not necessarily. My hubby's last job was one of those. The admissions test required applicants to be able to lift a 100 plus weight and hold it for a given length of time, and also to carry a 75 lb weight back and forth several times over a distance of something like 20 to 30 feet.

Most of the applicants and employees were men, but there were more and more women making the cut (and they didn't loosen the admission requirements, there were just more and more women strong enough to pass the test and do the job).

The job really did require some seriously bullish strength, and so mostly men qualified, but the women who did make the cut were given major respect (except apparently by the men who weren't as strong as the women they made fun of - which usually earned them some serious harassing by the women and the stronger men as a result). Hubby always said he loved working with women on his crew the best, because a lot of the men seemed to try to get by doing as little as they could, while the women tended to work as hard as they could to prove they could do the job as well or better than the men (and they usually did).

Funny thing was one of their best workers was a tiny little thing (who had been a stripper before she was hired by the plant). The guys called her "ant," because ants are so small, but can lift and carry 10 to 50 times their own body weight.
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