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1) How many calories did you normally consume per day?Approx 1400~but I consulted with my doctor~this is a gret idea~And you should never go under 1200 Is what I have read for health issues. But again may wanna consult with your doctor to see what is best for you
2) What was your starting weight and where are you now? start weight was 259.9 ~I am at 163.6 Now~So A total of alittle over 96 pounds lost
3) At GOAL if so how long did it take you???? Not at goal yet But nearly there~I started November 11th of 2008 ~So it will be 15 months for me On Febuary 11th~I have lost a little over 96 pounds.~My first 3 months I lost 30 pounds cause the weight came off quicker though

If you need some help with some good websites thats helpful to calories counters or anything like that~Or even just some support ~feel free to message me~I am online most everyday~We do have a snow/ice storm coming here over the next few days in OHIO so I may be with out electric but I hope not~LOL

OH and if you click into my signature ~you can see my before & after pics or Just click my avatar pic & it will take you to my before & after pic in My profile.~I know longer look like me~which is a good thing

One For every 10 Pounds Lost:

~~~~~~~ I Am A Calorie Counter & Proud Of It~~~~~~~
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