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First name:

Geographical location: Philadelphia

Age: 25

Marital Status: single

Children/Ages: nope

Occupation: marketing

Pets: kitty

Hobbies/Interests: travel, shopping, reading, cooking, good conversation with friends, drinking, music, being silly, watching trashy tv

Height: 5'10"

Eye/Hair Color: brown/brown

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: 10/08

Starting Weight: 320

Present Weight: 250

Goal Weight: 190-ish?

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss: i love food and i have major issues with self control. i just always have a compulsion to eat whatever's in front of me. i also am an emotional eater and will snack when i'm bored, upset, anxious etc.

Following any specific plan: started with weight watchers which really helped jump start my weight loss and helped me understand how much i'm supposed to be eating every day, but i dropped it after a few months because 1. it's expensive and 2. i honestly couldn't keep up with tallying points day in and day out. i try to still follow it loosely and sort of keep count in my head, but now i'm just trying to eat healthy, not eat too much, and exercise 4-5 times a week.

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past: i'm an active participant in my own health now. before i was waiting for something to change, something to happen that would make me take the next step, but i've made a conscious decision to do this and to see it through this time around. and i'm trying to be nicer to myself... i mess up, and i fall off the wagon, and that's okay. we're all human, right?

Anything else you would like to share with us: i love having friends to vent to/share with/help kick my *** when i need it. and i LOVE hearing about what's working for other 20 somethings out there....

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