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Okay, I'm in better spirits today. Going to have to track my points before I even leave the house because I'm going to be gone all day and most of the early evening (all the eating hours of the day). Very busy at work with lots of new kids on my caseload.
Going to a new kickboxing class tonight with some girlfriends. A little nervous because I've never worked out with ANYONE...preferring to sweat in solitary silence as the video workout plays on and on. SO...I guess I will go and try it out with a smile on my face and an open mind...with an open beer in my hand afterwards if I make a fool out of myself! No, I isn't the answer to all of life's problems, but it sure helps! That explains my previously expanding waisteline.
Well, wish me luck on the class...and I'll wish you all a beautiful day full of healthy choices.
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