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Weekly Update - Week 8

Starting Weight - 260 lbs
Current Weight - 221 lbs
Loss This Week -5 lbs
Total Loss - 39 lbs

Wow! Big time happy dance. I was expecting a 3 this week, hoping for a 4, and not really thinking about a 5. How exciting. That puts getting into the 210's squarely in sight for next week.

I had a very random week, with 3 days of travel, a mild cold, and a few other wrinkles so was not really sure what would happen. The mild cold I had from wed-sat might have played some with the results this week, so I'm not going to get my hopes up too high for next week.

Let me stop for a minute and say that I feel really blessed with the scale results thus far. I know there are probably some people who read this that work as hard or harder at this than I do and hope for a 5 in a month. I recognize that I have been very blessed to see 39lbs through 2 months and feel very grateful about the whole thing.

I've gotten a few compliments here and there, but Sunday was crazy. I probably had a dozen people make a comment to me, and at least that many made a comment to my wife. It's nice, but really awkward for me. When someone says "are you losing weight, you look great" I tend to respond with a casual remark like:
a) No, I'm just ungaining weight
b) Meh, I'm trying to get to the gym more often
c) You're just comparing me to my 8 mos pregnant wife (as a joke only with close friends and yes it gets me play slapped anyway)

I am noticing that my appetite is decreasing. It's causing me to not be as focused on my between meal snacks as much. It might just have been the fact that I was a bit sick, but I used to feel like cutting down to 1800 cals I needed to eat every couple of hours, and I haven't felt that in the last week which is making it harder to stay disciplined in breaking up my meals and spacing my calories.

I've been thinking some about my calorie defecit. Losing 39 lbs means that eating the same calories/exercise, means my defecit is something like 400-600 calories lower each day than it was when I started. However I have no plans of lowering my calories at this point, the results have been great, and I have no need to continue to lose as fast, so am fine if it slows down. I've found that 1800-2000 range to be "livable" and not a strict diet, and that is important to me. I should be able to lose down into the 190's in this range, it'll just be slower than my current progress.

Nutrition Observations

Mon - 1392 cals
Tue - 1776 cals
Wed - 1675cals
Thu - 1578 cals
Fri - 2031 cals (ate way too little + huge cheat meal)
Sat - 2073 cals
Sun - 1334 cals

I'll give myself a B this week on diet. The really good part was I went to the grocery store on my trip and as a result ate miles better than my normal trips. Really proud of that effort. The other good part was staying in a decent calorie range all week. I did the following things wrong...
a) No breakfast on Thursday
b) Not great on snacks/calorie spacing Wed-Sat
c) Friday was 400 calories until dinner followed by a whopping 1600+ cheat meal that included competely unnecessary seconds at a buffet

Exercise Observations

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Short/light Gym (slightly sick)
Thursday - ~2mi casual airport walk (slightly sick)
Friday - Nothing (more sick)
Saturday - Gym
Sunday - Rest

To be honest, my lighter workout schedule this week probably helped my # this week. I'm probably carrying a little less "muscle water" than previous Monday's. I did ok on exercise this week and was glad I made a difficult and conscious effort to move on Wed/Thu when I wasn't feeling 100%. I'm really starting to notice my upper body be more pronounced, and shirts that used to be tight around the belly are feeling more tight around the chest/shoulders (which is good!). These first 39 lbs have made a pretty big difference to a casual observer, but I don't feel like I look ton's different proportionally with my shirt off. But I can tell I'm on the cusp of making huge strides there and I bet the next 20 lbs will be less noticeable to others, but huge difference in muscle definition, etc.

Looking forward to next week
Have another week at home so nothing too special or complicated. Should be able to stay focused on another good plan week and hopefully getting into the 210's next week!
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