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Smile Diet Direct Foods

Due to some issues I'm having with my MF coach (Yet to be resolved), my husband and I placed an order with First of all, "Thank You, Thank You!!" to those of you who recommended it - I never would have known about Diet Direct without you. We have been scarfing down their food ever since it showed up on Friday. It is MUCH less expensive than MF, far better tasting-in my opinion, and I get pasta again, Yes!

Some things to know before you order: the meals that come 7 to a box are smaller than you'd expect. (The spicy cheese n pasta is a lot like chili mac hamburger helper, and yummy if that's a comfort food for you like it is for me) I fixed this by adding 1/2 cup green beans or some other low carb vegetable. The creamy alfredo which comes 3 to a box was a bigger serving, and with some chicken chunks made a great dinner entree. The Bariwise pb&j bar was awesome to someone who hadn't had a sandwich in what seems like forever. The WonderSlim snack bars are good but snack sized, so expect that. The crispy bars are normal size. The WS snack bites are tasty and textured just like apple jacks except savory, not sweet. We didn't like the chips as much, they are crispy to the point of being like a very hard tortilla chip texture, and the flavors didn't come through enough to compensate. My husband really liked the corn chowder, I got a taste and liked it, but not enough to really judge. And, they have desserts! I haven't tried the cheesecake yet so I can't judge it. The chocolate cake has a slightly gelatinous texture, but tastes like real chocolate cake!

I had some technical issues with the website, don't hit your back button it causes problems. So I called it in, which worked great because I got some good advice on what to get. And I got a hard copy catalog which is easier for me, I like to have something to hold and write comments in.

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