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Default Flex points saved my butt

Last night I became unhinged. First, I had a cocktail (which is self-defeating because I KNOW it weakens me resolve to stay on points when non-WW food is around and within arm's reach). Then, I agreed to order Domino's pizza and wings with my dear partner ("I'll only eat one piece of pizza," I told myself. Ha!).

The damage: 2 pieces of pizza (med. veggie) and 6 hot wings. Plus, I ate part of a full-fat grocery store brownie (I would've eaten the whole thing, but when I asked for a brownie, my dear partner cut it into 4s and brought me one section. He's a sweetie!).

What makes me mad is that I didn't feel in control. It's like the food took over and I became this zombie shoving artificial additives into my pie hole.

BUT, the good news is that even though I used up ALL of my flex points for the week, I didn't go over my points (I tracked everything). PHEW!

Lesson: Don't drink a cocktail and order Domino's pizza. I would have been perfectly happy with my black bean soup and popcorn!! Also, tracking "bad" meals is a GOOD thing because then I do know where I stand (and sometimes it's bad, but not as bad as I think).
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