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Originally Posted by Jaimie View Post
I myself hate my body and I'm attracted more to women who have a body similar to the one I want. There are a couple models from SG who are considered plus-sized and they have gorgeous bodies, but they are also toned. But really it comes down to the person, personalities can affect how attractive a woman is.

But honestly, my ideal woman would be between 5'3-6', toned, but not overly skinny, with nice curves. And I'm a sucker for brunettes and redheads.

But really, I'm not picky at all.
I've seen some pretty heavy women who look gorgeous because they've had all of their cellulite airbrushed! LOL! Wish I could airbrush mine out in real life!

I definitely agree with the personality thing.

I'm very proud of you for your Suicide Girls goal, by the way. I met a girl in real life who was trying to get her pictures on there. Not sure if she ever did. She was super skinny, but not very attractive in the face.

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