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Default So, what are you looking forward to?

So, we've talked about rewards that we give ourselves for doing well, but, what are you looking forward to doing/wearing/feeling once you've reached your goal weight? ( Or, near it. ) Don't be afraid to dream big ( Or, small! ), girls!

Wearing - These are all things that I love fashion-wise, but, I'm just not comfortable enough to wear most of it out in public, or in the case of boots, they just don't fit!

- Skinny jeans
- Short skirts
- Short shorts
- Socks ( Knee high, thigh high, knitted, etc. I think these types of socks are adorable! )
- Boots ( Ankle, knee high, thigh high )
- Tights/stockings ( I love them! Under skirts, under ripped jeans, under a dress, under an over-sized top. )
- Jeans that ride on the hips
- Lingerie for the boyfriend
- Corsets
- Anything absolutely outrageous
- Clunking around on heels ( LOL! Instead of shuffling/waddling/stumbling I imagine I'd do in a pair, now! I don't even OWN a pair of heels! )

Doing - I'm not necessarily unable to do anything that I really want to, but, some things just seem like they will get better with less weight! Such as...

- Sex ( New/different positions! Loving the way my body and feels looks during. Experiencing my boyfriend's reaction at the "new" me. )
- Having my boyfriend pick me up ( This will be so exciting! )
- Going out more ( I might not go out more, but, I can't wait to feel more confident when leaving the house. )
- Getting attention ( I don't mean I want to be the center of attention, I just want to experience the kind of looks healthy women get. You know. An extra peak from a guy walking by, and not because my big butt is in the way of a healthy woman! LOL! )
- Going to the beach ( And enjoying it! )
- Going for more walks ( These are all tied in with the whole more confident when leaving the house thing. )
- Getting tattoos

Feeling -

I'm sure I'll be able to think of even more!

My aspirations are very big, and sometimes I feel a little ashamed of them. You know, you have to think realistically, and all. But, these are things that I absolutely love, and want to experience. Even if it's YEARS from now.

So, what are yours?
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