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Well, to be perfectly frank, at my age I don't get lewd and lascivious thoughts very often -- too exhausting! Besides, I've been with my partner for nearly 24 years and haven't touched another woman in all that time. I still love looking at her -- fat dimples and all!

BUT ... as I grew older, I found that a woman's size was less and less relevant to me.

One of the most beautiful women I knew was extremely overweight (5'4" or so and probably close to 250 lbs). She was one of the most compassionate, funny, generous and loving people you'd ever meet. I was her friend for more than two decades and when she died last November, it was a real wake up call for me. I know her weight was a major factor in her death.

So, to me, losing weight doesn't necessarily equate with being more attractive, but simply to staying around longer and being healthier.

Having said all that high-faluting stuff ... I have to admit that I do NOT find very very skinny women attractive at all. Or the real body builder types. So, I suppose I *do* consider physical looks a part of attractiveness after all.
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