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S/C/G: 230/215/100

Height: 5'2"

Red face Just me!

This is definitely a support group for me! I've also contributed to the 100 lb. Club, and have been reading the 20-Somethings. They all fit!

My name is Jen, I'm turning twenty-five soon. I'm Aquarius.

Separated from a very badly thought out marriage, and getting divorced this year. I have been with my current boyfriend for almost two years.

I describe myself as a nerd/geek/gamer.

I have my ears pierced and gauged, and six facial/body piercings. Have many others that have closed.

I want tattoos, but, I don't want to get any before I've lost all of my extra weight.

I like metal, alternative, grunge, punk, classic rock, techno, pop, and... Well, lots of music.

I spend a lot of time on my laptop, reading forums, news articles, and just whatever I happen to Google.

My boyfriend and myself both play World of Warcraft in the evenings.

I like horror movies, a little anime, comedies, drama, and documentaries.

I'm agnostic.

I also have a daughter, who I'm probably spending time with if I'm not online. Studying with her to make her super smart! Ha-ha.

I love animals. I have three ferrets, and an anole. I pride myself in taking the best care of my pets that I can, and I'm not shy about providing useful information when it comes to pet care.

I love reading and learning new things.

I enjoy educational television shows ( Travel Channel, TLC, History. ), cartoons, reality shows ( Wife Swap! ), and court shows ( Judge Judy! ).

I'm currently unemployed, living with my single mom, my younger sister, and my daughter. I am actively looking for a job, and hope to go to school at some point, probably for nursing.

I have over 100 lbs. to lose at 230 lbs.


I'm doing low carb/low cal.

My biggest downfall when it comes to weight loss is not having enough patience.

I'd love to talk to any fellow Alternachicks out there! I have AIM, Yahoo!, and MSN chat messengers. If you think you'd like to have a conversation outside of this forum, message me with what chat service you use, and we'll hook up! ( Edit: For some reason, I assumed that this forum had user-to-user messaging, but, I can't seem to find it. I'll be sure to add more of my contacts to my profile. )

We can talk about our diets, how much weight we've lost, our tips, tricks, how much it sucks to be overweight, how we can't wait to reach our goals, and we can keep each other on track! Or, you know, anything we feel like talking about.

Not interested in talking about religion or politics.

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