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Default Artificial Sweeteners

I started the IP diet today, for breakfast I had the plain cereal, lunch mushroom soup and salad (no dressing) and afternoon break the cappaccino drink. I've been told to have 4 proteins a day to start. I've always been very sensitive to food additives, artificial sweeteners, colourings and food dyes. One piece of sugar-free gum and I feel like my skin is crawling. 5 minutes after the cereal I felt the same feeling and with it comes an anxious feeling, sometimes a headache or mild chest discomfort. I have NO health problems and these symptoms I only have when eating or drinking diet products ie gum, diet pops, popsicles, candy etc. Although the soup left a bad after taste, I liked the taste. With the cappaccino I had the same feeling that I had after eating the cereal this morning. I'm really hoping this diet will work for me and I know a few ladies that have had great success with it. I'm normally good at sticking to a diet and have no problems getting through the first few problem has always been after I lose 20 pounds I fall back into old eating habits. I'm hoping with the support of the IP ladies I won't follow that trend this time and make this a life changing diet. HOWEVER, I'm concerned that maybe some of the ingredients in their products are not agreeing with me and wonder if my body will adjust. The cereal and cappaccino I've had today, both had only 10 mg/packet of sucralose where most of the sweetened products have upwards of 30 and I saw one that had 88 mg/packet. Has anyone experienced this? I'm going home from work to have fresh veggies and the spaghetti bolognese and tomorrow I'm trying something new. I do hope that my body adjusts to the diet products and I lose these creepy sy mptoms lol. Thanks for listening and great forum 3 Fat Chicks!! I hope I have all good posts from today forward!! x0
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