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Originally Posted by WyoPrincess View Post
I see that a couple of you have mentioned mini-goals. Could you share more? I've realized that I've always rewarded myself with food and well, that just has to stop so I need some ideas. And how are you deciding what weight loss is your mini-goal, is it a percentage of the total weight you want to lose or is it just a weight that you personally chose?
I chose my first mini-goal based on the weight limit for the Wii Fit. I want one and don't see the point until I can use it, even though I have had heard of people over the weight limit using it.

My second mini-goal is to get under 300lbs. I don't know what reward I will have for myself then, but a celebration of some sort is for sure (it's been more than 16 years since I've been under 300).
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