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Morning everyone

Today is my first weigh in day!!! According to my scale I'm down 12 lbs this week! 12 lbs!!! I'm pretty sure that used to take me a couple months to lose on Weight Watchers.

As for rewards - I went out and bought myself a lulu lemon hoodie a LONG time ago hoping that I'd fit in to it one day, so that's my first reward...getting thin enough to wear it!

My best friend (StAlbertPrincess) & myself also have a competition going on. Every month we put up $50 and if one of us cheats we have to give the other one our $50, if we don't cheat we each put it in an envelope for a shopping spree once we've lost all the weight, we figure we'll have about $600 or so by the time we're done

Have a good day everyone

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