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Originally Posted by Byrdie09 View Post
Day 6 here.
Things have been going pretty well.. I finally got over the hunger but Im still having serious cravings, headaches, and my kidneys hurt!! I am definitely drinking way over the amount of water and I am getting all my salt in.. So Im not sure whats going on...
Other than that things went well.. Atleast I made it through my first weekend... It was really hard last night to not drink watching all of my other friends drinking.. but I made it through one weekend of many so I guess I can keep it up!
I loved reading through everyones posts! Got some good things going on! I'm cooking the Naked Boneless Nuggets now... They smell delish!
I don't go for my 1st weigh-in until Tuesday! I could really use some motivation right now so I kinda wish it was tomorrow but I promise myself I could make it atleast a week to try it and its not been so bad! So I really wanna stick it out!
Just feeling a little down!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
Hey Byrdie!!

Great job last night! I am sure you made a great impression with your level of dedication.

I can't wait to try those chicken nuggets they sound so good!!

I know the excitement must be high for your weigh in. Just think of what the extra 2 days might bring... another pound of weightloss?? Probably! So be patient for the weigh in; it WILL be worth it. I remember how I felt after my first weigh in! I was sooo excited and energetic. It was amazing the results I had and it was so worth the whole first week's effortst to get it! YOU CAN DO THIS! Smile, have a cup or tea, take a hot bath, do something that makes you feel good and keep yourself moving to tuesday! I can't wait to see your results posted!

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