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Originally Posted by MeghanO View Post
Totally FELL OFF the plan last night. The first time in 12 weeks, I even made it through the holidays on plan. But the good news is, I don't feel BAD mentally. I am not beating myself up this. I will be honest and admit that I am having some depression issues & I have had these issues in the past. I thought the diet was helping with my issues but I get ANGRY at the drop of a hat.

I was sitting with a group of friends playing game last night & I just wasn't in the mood. They all commented that I was pale & just not me. I had not planned to cheat but with my mood & lack of energy, I caved. It felt SOOOOO GOOOOOD! Within minutes, I was me again, well sorta. I over did it & my tummy was sore by the end of it, but with in 5 minutes, I felt like myself. So my new plan is to stay off IP products for 2 weeks, till after my 30th bday, but to follow Phase 4 & then to get right back on for the last 20lbs.

BY NO MEANS DO I ENCOURAGE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. I need it at this point to stay SAIN & be my happy self. My poor little son wasn't doing anything wrong & all I did was yell at him, I need to reign myself back in. So I just wanted to tell you, hope I only gain 5 lbs in the next 2 weeks as a result of my indulgence before I get back on plan. Thanks for listening.
Hey MeghanO!

I am soooo sorry. I am glad you are feeling better though! I know that you must have been at the limit after all you have been through.

I was told that low carb diets can be very challenging in general for people but even more so for those with depression or mental health issues. I too have suffered depression, anxiety, OCD, and post traumatic stress disorder. My problems were created by extreme prolonged stress situations and a low serotonin level. When I started this program it was a discussion I had because, reduced carbs will, for some people, cause an impact to the serotonin in your body. (a relationship that was first observed in 1898) It is a reason being studied at present for why some people become quite carb addicted. Our bodies can utilize carbs to create a state where there is an increased availability of the amino acid trytophan in our blood and brain to increase our serotonin availability; protein actually can inhibit that state. Serotonin is the chemical neurotransmitter that regulates:

the onset of sleep,

sensory perception, (pain perception)

mood and depression, and appetite

body temperature,

hyperacusis (noise sensitivity)…

photophobia (sensitivity to light)

You may wish to talk to your doctor, nutritionist or coach about this and, if it might effect you, what can be done, even temporarily, as you step back onto the program.

I know what I was told that sugars and starches create the biggest insulin need and available tryptophan. I was also told that whole grains that are LOW GI create a much smaller insulin need but still allow for the tryptophan to reach the brain and help in the serotonin production process. (maybe a temporary switch to a modified phase 1 or 2 allowing for some low gi carbs of fruit or whole grain would help you?)
ALSO I was told that B6 helps the body to manufacture serotonin and OMEGA3/6/9 with fish oil has the benefit of increasing serotonin, reducing depression but the exact reason for this chemically is still being pinned down. There is also some benefit for some in taking melatonin at night to sleep. The melatonin our bodies is made from our serotonin and the winter low light also uses up our serotonin, by supplementing with melotonin before bed it helps some to preserve there own serotonin for use during the day helping prevent significant reductions in the serotonin and related mood impact. The last thing I was told was vitamin c can help some with depression and mood.

I CAN NOT say what you should do but I found the information provided to me very interesting because of my history with low serotonin. I was on prozac at one point in time and haven't been for nearly a decade. I didn't want to trigger my problems because of the rapid changes to my body chemistry so this information was helpful for me and led to a good conversation with my doctor. We picked an approach for me that I hope will help. I am still 4 weeks behind you in the program so I AM SO GRATEFUL for you sharing your stages and what you are going through. Please stay on the boards and share with us how you are doing on your phase 4 break! I know it will be helpful for me!
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