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@ supersweet: HEY!! I am so glad to see your post! WOW, I love the info you just shared. I knew we needed to be low carb but my coach never put it into numbers! I think it is nice of your coach to help people do what they can to stick with the program. That is so important. I agree with you about the cheats extending the time and not resting the pancreas. For me that is key to doing the plan as written so I can get the fullest benefit.
HMM??? Superbowl ideas. Well, you can do the spicy chicken nuggets that were posted yesterday on here with a homemade wing sauce, cut up veggies, salads, stuffed mushroom caps, mushroom sliders (I make mini hamburgers, grill the small Portobello mushroom caps and use 2 small mushroom caps to make a bun for the meat), romaine rollups with sliced ham and assorted veggies, stuffed chicken breast slices. ( I pound out chicken breast, sauté mushroom, garlic, spinach and mix with 1 or 2 crumbled pieces of bacon, then stuff the mixture into the chicken breast, roll up and bake. then chill, slice, and serve. It looks pretty and is easy to eat on top of salads or wherever. ) BARBECUE meats and veggies. You can do a homemade plan ok marinade or rub and make up barbecue. Are you doing root veggies? Try the turnip fries if you are. Serve some dill pickles. Mayoless deviled eggs (mayo if your coach oks it). Texas style homemade chilli (no tomatoes, not cooked onion, no beans just a spicy seasoned carne). teriyaki turkey meatballs in a homemade on plan teriyaki sauce. Ok. that is it for my ideas tonight! LOL

showgirlaz...Thank you so much for your ideas...please keep them coming!!!! I will check out the chili recipe later today. What is your homemade teriyaki sauce and meatballs?
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