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Originally Posted by FuzzMa View Post
OK everyone. Here is a question for you. How are you measuring your veggies ? Do you put them in a cup and measure, or on a weigh scale and measure 8 oz? There is quite a difference between these measures. How do you suppose Fit Day and the like do their measures (8 oz vs 1c show different values on fit day)?
I just think it is hard to measure stuff like broccoli and cauliflower in a measuring cup (one florette could be one cup). What do your coaches recommend?
I, personally haven't been too concerned about my veggies and I have been eyeballing most of the time, but I think I might not be getting enough (I'm not hungry, and my weight is dropping).
Curious to see what you all are doing!

I went and bought several 2 cup snap rubbermaid containers from Target. Each week I measure out each container with what vegetables I am going to use. Since it is a 2 cup container that is my measure...if it fits, its good!

When you measure there is a difference due to wet and dry measurements. Always measure wet in a ozmeasuring cup and and anything dry in a cup measuring series(1/4cup/1/2 cup/etc)

Hope that helps!!!
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