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I pay 28.00 a box of 7 or 4.00 per pack. $30.00/case of 6 readymade drinks.
We can exchange anything we don't like. The vitamins are about 22.00 -24.00 per bottle. The potassium is a 3 month supply and the multi and cal mag last 1 month.

I was told the sugar free jello is ok if you need it to stay on track. Nothing other than the phase 1 protocol is Ideal Protein approved but my coach believes staying on the diet is more important to our well being than dumping the diet due to it being to strict. We are not allowed more than 20 -25 carbs per day!!!!

I also checked the other websites Lindora and New lifestyle diet and other than the readymade shakes(exactly the same) at NLD the products are not the same. They have much more carbs and a ton more artifical fillers. I understand that in order to stay in the "fat burning zone" you cannot exceed the 25 carb max intake. On Bootcamp you have little room to add in anything extra. The 3 IP packs give us between 6 and 14 grams of carbs(depending on the choice of pack) alone, than add in our vegetables and meat choice carbs and there is no room for error. If you cheat you are only extending your time on the diet and basically following a low calorie diet and not resting your pancreas. So in my eyes, I feel saving money on the food with higher carbs only increases the length of time I am on the diet and than ultimatly costing me more in the long run.

I am working on ideas to survive Superbowl weekend. We always host the game and now I need a varity of nosh foods that won't blow the diet....Can you all help with any ideas?

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