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Originally Posted by jtvan View Post
My coaches charge $4 a packet and $28 a box (7per) I need to cut costs....I want to stay on this diet but I have two children (12 & 14) and my husband is on unemployment (for the past year)......needless to say cost IS a concern for me, time will tell if ordering from another place makes a difference....personally, I believe it is just packaging on some of the products. I just have to keep reading the labels.
I drink coffee everyday w/ a dash of 1/2 & 1/2 and truvia. Do you all? Drink coffee I mean?
Also, I take a stool softener (when needed) called Swiss Kriss (2 am & 2 pm). It is all natural and you get it at a health food store. I can't always eat my salad at night but I make sure I eat cuke coaches say the salad is not as crucial but it helps "keep things moving". Took me 4 days to get regular in the beginning so don't panic! After that

May I ask how late everyone has their PM sanck? I feel like I am cramming it in at night before bed. My coaches said to eat it at least 1 hr before bed......I coach my daughter's Basketball and Softball teams and often I get home late and then I feel like I have to stay up later after my snack.

Cost is a concern for me too. Just me and two kids. I believe we have embarked on something that just takes a committment financially. Time will tell if I will be able to continue it financially also. I know my habits are already changing in regards to spending on food: no more $1.60 coffee's, oops I forget my lunch days and end up buying at work for $6+, snacks from the vending machine, too tired to cook lets eat out, or take out/delivery. I spent a lot of my money on quick and bad (but many times tasty) food. I am not interested enough in actually figuring out the difference, but I am sure there is a savings of some kind in there somewhere!

My kids are totally on board with me too. Not that they have a say in how the money is spent, but when I say No to eating out or certain things, they seem to understand a little. For as much as they can.

I drink coffee most days and most days measure the 1oz of skim milk.

My PM snack is between 8:30-10pm. Just depends on the schedule. Many nights I am not eating dinner until 8-8:30 at night. I try to eat it about 1-2 hours after dinner and 1 hour before I think I will lay down. But, it's hard to figure that out sometimes. I know it is suggested to not eat after 8 or for several hours before bed, but with my schedule, I would never have time to get in all the meals. There have been times when I eat the snack and go right to bed.

Tonight, we ate dinner at almost 9pm and I just had my snack and I am about to go to bed. It was a weird "i don't care to eat, so I forgot" sort of day. Didn't mean to eat late, it just happened.

I don't keep a food diary, but perhaps you could keep one and see if the PM snack times make a difference? Not sure how you would know it was just that, but you could try. Some have the snack mid-afternoon instead of PM too. Just get in your three packets and make it work for you.

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