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Sugar free Altoids smalls? 1/2 cal, no sugar, no carbs, no fat (sorbitol, corn starch, wheat maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavorings, acacia, magnesium, stearate, sucralose). What do you all think? have something "okay", I know it is no carbs, no sugars...but what is the rule on calories and fat? I used Vegenaise instude of Mayo (for the last several years) and it is made from grapeseed oil, no carbs, no sugars, but high in fat, moderate in calories (sorry, not looking at the label at the moment). For an occasional treat, a tiny bit with some tuna salad on a bed of lettuce. What do you all think?

But, if I am in a "pocket"....I don't want to be out!
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