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S/C/G: h254/IP248/186/130 or size 4

Height: 5'5" size 12 mostly


@cherry face: YEAH!! Great Job!! One week 8.6 pounds!! YOU ROCK!!! take your measurements too if you haven’t already. you will be amazed by the changes week to week! YOU ARE DOING THIS!! KEEP IT UP!

@ princass: You are welcome! If you are having a constipation issue right now, it is likely to be your weight loss block. Have you tried the magnesium citrate? I can’t remember and yes, the premenstrual issue will be this week's delay. You would be surprised what the cheese and cashews can do to slow down, more the bowels for some than the rest. How is the water intake? Yes, I always get the salads in. I hate them sometimes. I even gagged one down once.. That was when I knew it had to experiment. I started making steamed veggie salads, grilled veggie salads, salad soups.. lol… anything for a change! Somedays my salads are 3/4 cup and others they are 3 cups of lettuce it depends on my hunger. I keep the veggie toppings on the salad to about cup or so. I am so grateful my coach has been there and been strict. These results are worth it for as long as they will hold. I can live with out the restricted food for awhile. In the end it is about what I gain back in a BALANCED maintenance that I want anyway! I think some Drs and Coachs offer the optional foods and restricted items early because they can, they cost more, and because they are worried people who get bored will quit. I think people want the success more than the perk and if it were explained as “yes, you can now have them but the added consequence is you may loose slower or much slower and your cravings may come back and be harder to control. now you decide” that people would say I think I will keep trying to do it like this! People like to have control and results when making a big change like this!

@ Baseball Mom5: Sounds like fun! I loved the Hangover! Such a great movie. Have you seen I love You Man yet??? It was our date night last week and I loved it too!

@ jtvan: YUM to the porkchops! I will try those Sunday!! I picked up some collard and turnip greens to cook with pork chops yesterday.. This sounds great as a recipe to do it up with! Perfect timing! Thanks

@ dispatcherLIZ: Hello! The premade vanilla and chocolate drinks and all puddings are definitely part of the NONrestricted category! Like JTVan, I couldn’t get by without them. HAVE FUN trying them out and doctoring them up!

@ Mom22: I take natural source essential enzymes from the health food store. Not sure if they are available in Canada but they are identical too or better than the IP enzymes. Also, thanks for the novi lax tip. I will check next time I go in if they are avail to us down here.

@ WyoPrincess: Welcome! So nice to see you here! It looks like you have had a good month considering holidays and all too! I am looking forward to hearing more from you about your success!

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