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HELLO EVERYONE! A nice morning here, FINALLY! Living in the desert southwest we are use to so much sunshine and this week of wild, wet weather is a whole new experience.

Just wanted to ask, if no one minds sharing, How much are you paying for the box or packets of IP and the vitamins or program???? I am curious because so many keep commenting how expensive it is. Thanks to any who feel comfortable sharing.

@ Jordana : WOO HOO!! I love having people to “buddy” up with an work towards goals with! Let’s DO IT! My big deal is continuing as I started Until birthday. That will put me on no occasional or restricted foods for 4 months. I am still measuring to ensure I can keep my portions in control. AND NO SKIPPING MEALS, it can have an effect almost like cheating. I am trying to get 3 to 4 litres of water a day too. I learned that water is required by the liver to help break down/metabolize and flush fat. I think it is because fat can contain toxins and because fat requires a bile product or acid to break it down. HMMM??? I am glad we have similar coaching rules it should be helpful as we “cheer” each other on! I do exercise very lightly now. Just an easy walk for about 10 min or so 2x a day. And I am lightly toning my arms with resistance bands and tummy with crunches.

@ BestsyAnn : YEAH! That is great to have an inside track. I love learning all the extra information. THANK YOU for being willing to share!

@ Wagnomore: I am glad it was helpful. That post was so long I was worried it would be overwhelming! YES, I am SOOO JEALOUS of what men are capable of on this plan. I suppose it is because they have a different body fat need and don’t have hormonal cycles to create issues. Pick a buddy or more on here! Maybe it will work for you to keep pace with a women? ( Curious, what part of the Midwest are you in?)
I LOVE TILAPIA!! I just bought some yesterday and will be making your bake. I was doing a seared asian style fish several times the past 2 weeks. I agree about the magnesium citrate it does work great but unless you have a major issue, go lightly until you find your dose! The lettuce… yes, I am told it is necessary to get the lettuce in. my understand, I haven’t verified this, is that the lettuce has a form of fiber that doesn’t break down until it reaches the colon so it has a bit of a cleansing effect on the plumbing and keeps the healthy bacteria happy. Also, there is supposed to be some nutrition in lettuce, romaine in particular, that can be helpful. It doesn’t say how much lettuce we must have buy we shouldn’t neglect it.
The bottled tea. I asked that too because I found one that seems to work on plan. ( I still think it works on plan to be honest… just the rebel in me. LOL) Anyway, I talked to my coach and the regional development guy and both said NO. The reason being the FDA allows for up to 2% of a product to include indgredients from sugar not listed in the nutritional or ingredients list. SO, anything that is prepared and sweet has the possibility to have hidden sugar. Some people could become so “addicted” to the comfort of the prepared drink that they create a slow down and don’t know why. Regarding the HERBAL TEAS… if they are decaffeinated I was told you do not have to include extra water in your diet and they can count towards of you daily fluid intake. I drink about 24 oz of herbal decaf tea, 10 oz of coffee, black or green tea (all have caffeine) and 3 to 4 litres of water per day. In addition to that I have my IP drinks. I keep a sun tea jug of brewed herb tea in the fridge so it is quick to get and a nice alternative when I need a liquid and a break from my water too!
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