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@showgirlazWow, thank you! You take a ton of supplements. I use to use the aloe vera for acid reflux and it really helped. Thats one reason I love, love, love this diet is I don't have it anymore. But I might start taking it again for the digestion part of it. Constipation is my worst enemy!

I weighed in yesterday and was only down 4 pounds in 2 weeks. Which I don't like at all. I did have about a 1/4 of a cup of cashews and 2 string cheeses in that time but I don't think that they would have slowed me that down that much. I don't use splenda or sugar free items and I completly stopped chewing gum to see if it would increase the loss but no luck. I actually did worse. It is a week before my period so I'm hoping its pre -menstrual.

Again I apprieciate you taking the time to put everything you do down. I just want all the info I can possibly have to increase my weekly losses. I really wish the restricted items would have not been an option up front. I wish all the distributors would get the same strict plan as your dr. Do you always get your unlimited salads in?

mini goal: under 180lbs (smaller than my husband...hehehe!!)Mini goal meet-April 1st 2010
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Next mini goal to be in the 140's......149.8 meet goal -July 19th 2010
Next mini goal -Start toning my jiggly bits!!
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