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@ jtvan: Thank you *blushing* I have never felt like this before. I have done diets.. several including other low carbs and I have not EVER felt this mentally and physically capable during a program. I give all the credit to this program. If you follow it as written it really does make its self and easy thing! WOW.. I can only imagine how sore you are. Definitely take it easy so you heal well! PS…. it is not too late to start measuring. DO IT! You have plenty of time left and you will be amazed how even on weeks you think you didn’t lose much weight, your inches will move a lot!!

@ Jordana: You can definitely make 25 pounds by your Bday! WE should try and support each other on birthday goals!! I am a march 31st birthday. I am hoping to lose 35 pounds more by then! The non restricted foods are very easy to eat. They do become a little boring because they are mostly green and whites and similar textures. I have started practice no ways to cook and incorporate them into my day. You will see a lot of quick result though if you stick with them for as long as you can.

@ Princass: Yes, my coaches did follow the program exactly the way they have me doing it. In fact in my clinic group there are several people losing and we are all losing 4 to 7 pounds on average. KEEP IN MIND… MEN WILL ALWAYS LOSE MORE THAN WOMEN. Typical loss for women who adhere strictly to this program is 3 to 5 pounds per week average. FOR MEN typical loss is 5 to 7 pounds per week average under the same strict conditions. Yes I do measure (5oz meat 7oz fish). I don’t always need to but if I feel like I am slipping of my “game” I measure. Part of that is the idea of being prepared. If I have all my veggies cut and packaged it makes cooking fast and if I need to go out it is easy to quickly grab something to take with me. I cut up and measure and repack all the meat when I get home from the store so I just have to thaw and cook a ready to go portion of meat. I measure my salt the night before into a inexpensive salt shaker I got at the dollar store. Then the next day I make sure I get in all my salt from that jar even if I end up drinking salt water before bed. I keep a daily food journal. Not because it is complex what we eat but because I record how I felt and what my body was doing in response to the day or days before. I also note what meats, how much, what veggies, how much, how all were prepared, and what spices I used. This helps me learn what I digest poorly. FOR INSTANCE, I have a hard time with the fennel and leeks. I slowed down every time I ate them HOWEVER, I lose extra any time I have fish! YUM!

MY SUPPLEMENTS! LOL.. here comes a list for you! Most of them I was taking before switching to this. I will tell you what I take and why. Some if these shouldn’t be taken by everyone and BY NO MEANS am I suggesting you use them without talking to a nutritionist or your doctor or counselor. I completely believe in nutrition as a key to health but even the “safest” vitamin or mineral can have negative impact if you don’t need it!

Aloe vera juice (stomach formula): I was having acid stomach and some digestion issues

Natural Source Essential Enzymes: I wasn’t digesting veggies and fats well before the program started

Mega Flora Probiotics : Using them for about 5 years. They aid digestion & absorption

Udo’s Oil or Barlean’s Twin Omega: Both are omega 3 6 9 blends that aid in digestion, metabolic processes, skin healthy, and help some with digestion, inflammation, pms, bloating, hair/nails.

REAL salt: A natural sea salt with real trace minerals and Iodide

Braggs Liquid Amino Acids: ese are essential to body functions using protein building blocks.. too many benefits to name but you can research benefits of liquid aminos. They taste like soy sauce so, I use them instead of it.

Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar: I use it for salad dressing. A lot of health benefits and it alkalizes in the body.

Ideal Protein Multi vitamin
Ideal Protein Potassium
Ideal Protein Cal-mag

Concentrace trace mineral: I am taking these for added energy and because my bloodwork having a few deficiencies.

Liquid Iodide: Taking for hypothyroid Iodide deficiency

Selenium: Taking for hypothyroid selenium deficiency
Melatonin: I take this at night to help me sleep. It also helps with the reduced carb intake as melatonin is essential in the serotonin process and in reducing cotisol levels. It can help some with managing reduced carbs and low serotonin, and depression.

Magnesium citrate: As needed if constipation occurs.

HERBS/SPICES: I use alot of cinnamon, garlic, ginger. cinnamon helps with controlling blood sugars per the diabetes association and the other two help with pancreatic cleansing.

Inulin/chromium picolinate: I use this to help with controlling sugar cravings. I acutally found a stevia by NOW that has these incorporated in so, when I sweeten my tea I get the added boost!

The only secrets of Mike and Derek were: make no allowances, no cheats. Stay away from restricted foods as long as you can. Get in the salt, multi vitamin, potassium, cal-mag as written every day. Get in your oil at least 2tsp a day up to 1 tbsp. DRINK LOTS of WATER. PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE. DON”T use occasional veggies until after your first 90 to 100 days. MEASURE your portions of food. DON”T CHEAT. No gum or mints. NO ROOT VEGGIES, NO cooked onions, NO salmon or tuna the first month. No balsamic or red wine vinegar. NO Restricted foodsunitl you have lost 80% or more of the goal you set when you began IP. NO soda. ONLY Splenda or Stevia/truvia/purevia as sweeteners. NO brown sugar splenda. When you do get to having occasional veggies.. only 2 items per week off of the provided list. For restricted foods, only one per day of any except spaghetti and stew which can only be had 2x per week TOTAL NOT EACH. ( Ideal Protein is actually considering making bars 2x per week because it is slowing down weight loss for many of the people who get on them early in the program.) Only brewed tea. NO bottled diet drinks or crystal light, or bottled tea. NO alcohol. No cheese. NO peanut butter. ALL measurements are pre cooking weights. only 7oz or approximately 2 cups of veggies at the lunch and dinner times. (that is per the trantien diet website)

@ Wagnomore: I would say from your numbers you are doing well. It appears you didn’t have as much to lose as I did, overall, and you are losing about 3.75 pounds per week on average which is right on target for the program for women. As I mentioned above, MEN WILL ALWAYS LOSE FASTER. Not a fun fact but a fact none the less! My coach will not allow exercise during the program. He says we are taking in too few calories (800 to 1100) and the program is muscle sparing so, we should focus on healing and reseting the body not the exercise. Light toning is ok. Easy walking is ok. BUT NO major cardio or strength/resistance training. I trust him on this. He was a professional wrestler and a personal trainer for many years. If he says no exercise, I believe him. He will add it back as I reach phase 2. His opinion is do without restricted food if you can. Yes, Even the bars. They use actual sugar in the form of rice syrups and agave syrups. Both are fairly low on the glycemic index and load scales BUT, if your pancreas is still cleansing/resetting it may not be ready to handle them and you may slow yourself down and start craving you can’t control. SO, better safe than sorry, he says do without them as much as you can if you can. If your partner is exercising he will be needing to add extra protein to prevent his body from going into starvation mode and burning up his natural proteins beginning with his muscle. This is critical because, even our heart is made of muscle. So, going into starvation on this diet, and wasting our own muscle, if done for a long time or by someone who doesn’t know they have a heart problem is potentially very dangerous. YOU MUST add protein If you exercise. THAT BEING SAID, I believe it would be important to talk to a coach or a Doctor before adding significant exercise to your diet plan. I haven't done the ultimate boot camp but it seems smart. I would suggest passing it by your coach if you are unsure. It would seem to be very helpful! I can't wait to read about your successes!

I hope that I got everyone’s questions. I know it was long winded. I am very happy to support anyone and share my experiences. I really want to hear more about everyone else’s experiences so far and what they are doing!


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