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Showgirlaz: You have such dertermination! I admire that! Rock on ~ it is working for you! My coach lets us have one restricted item a day....hmmm. I don't always have them, I usually do it every two days.
You are right, warm drinks satiate the appitite. I drink decaf. green tea. I have trouble eating a full salad at night so I eat cucumber stix w/ a little sea salt on them. Lots of zuchini and mushrooms (garlic and dill added).

I had ambilical hernia surgery and I am shocked at how sore I still am (I had 2 c-sections that hurt less!) But it is in my core and you can't move w/out using those muscles! I am not used to not being able yo get around and go to work. But I don't want to go through this again so I am following Dr.'s orders!

jordana: I was skeptical until I weighed in the 3rd week~down 10 lbs. I hope to have lost another 5 when I weigh in Sunday. My husband has noticed that I lost many coach didn't do my inches and I didn't think of it until too late but I can feel it! I really do feel good...lighter ya' know?
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