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Originally Posted by jtvan View Post
Showgirlaz: I am eating the same as you between every 3-4 hours. thanks for the words of encouragement...I can't take it back! Looking forward. I have been recovering from surgery and my husband tried to do something cheer me up He is used to me having food to make me happy! Crazy right?! I see it now though and we talked about it so it is all good! I really do not crave anything the way I used to! I love it!
What a sweet heart! I know this is hard for our friends and families too. They are also learning about what we can, can't, and shouldn't be using in our diets. I believe they want to see us succeed and just like we are having to remember all this new stuff so are they and it does effect how they are used to socializing and comforting us! Just think, this may be your chance to teach him to pamper you with new things of a NON-food nature like, a massage, hot bath, foot rub, spa treatment, favorite movie, a break from housework or dishes, a walk in your favorite place, time playing a board or card game together, a night at the movies, I am sure you can come up with more fun ideas!!

I have been going through this a bit my boyfriend. Fortunately, he is a strict personality type SO, to make it easier I put the list of my program and allowable food on the fridge during the first week (it is still there). It got to the point instead of saying something and then correcting himself, HE was REMINDING ME what I could and couldn't eat and that I was missing a meal or snack!! LOL..

I guess what I am saying is your husband sounds like a really sweet man and I just bet he would be a great help to your weightloss, like my sweetie is, if you give him some tools to use!

I hope the surgery went well. How is the healing going? Will it be a long process?

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