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Hello Friends...

Sorry I didn't get to post this weekend.I was so busy running around getting things done and spending time with my Mom.

Over the weekend I did something VERY GOOD!!! I stopped putting "all that" sugar in my tea! I figured if I didn't comsume that much sugar,I would lose weight more.I started using Sweet-N-Low! I'm STILL trying to get use to the taste.Someone told me today that I might like Splenda .Going to find it at the store and try it.I'm proud of myself because I love my tea!! I'm not a soft drink ( some) person at all.Could live without them.Here in the south...we call all "sodas" matter what kind it is!! LOL...

YES!! I know how u feel!! I guess we ALL have those days! But you know what???? Push all those no-no's out of your mind..and start back fresh! In order to survive this weight loss thing, I guess we all have to have those days! I guess the main thing is to get right back on track!! RIGHT?? I KNOW you can do this!! Since nicer weather is getting here...we can all take those nice walks!! Hang in there girl and when you're down...POST!! We'll try to make you smile OR even laugh!! Luv ya!!!

Now for all who asked or e-mailed me wanting to know how to do the images......Here goes.....

These are called "art clips".Just go to the web and type art clips in the box.Once you find one that you like....hold your mouse on the picture and click the right side.Then when a menu pops "save as picture". Then after you post.....hit the "browse" button at the end of your post...then click the images you want.Thats will show up after you hit Submit.

If none of this sounds right or if I don't make sense, e-mail me @ [email protected] I will help you!

Better go...Oh By the way..My first day back at work from having Spring break went fine.I didn't have trouble at all waking up after sleeping in late all last week!! hehe

More later..
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