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That book is my diet Bible. Ask away.

I did a week of Cooler #1 (details are in my blog) which was supposed to go on for two weeks to lose that last 10lbs and I lost 7 of it in a week. I found that I was too tired to workout and I couldn't. I felt weak and I almost felt sick. Tosca says that the Cooler #1 is a diet for rapid results and she is right about that, but you should only do it for only two weeks at a time, occassionally. This diet are for those who need to drop that last 10lbs or for those who are getting ready for body comps or stuff like that. I wouldn't recommend you do this diet if you are not used to eating clean because a few days on this diet will have you packing on your way to a country buffet.

Cooler much better. A lot better than #1, but I suggest starting out with #3 to get yourself used to eating clean first. Do that for about two weeks and then go to #2 for weight loss.

Cooler #1 reminds me of South Beach Diet Phase #1, a lot...but they are different. In Cooler #1 you are allowed sweet potatoes because it's a super food according to the clean eating way. In South Beach or Low Carb diets you aren't allowed potatoes. In clean eating you have to follow the portion sizes and that may become a little frustrating (pages 39 in the Expanded Version and page 405 in the Recharged version) and in South Beach and Low Carb diets there is a minimum serving you have to eat / you can eat more than the minimum if you like.

Overall, this diet (I don't like calling it a diet because it's really not) teaches you how you're supposed to eat. There is no diving in, you have to take baby steps with this way of eating. If anyone needs any details about something specific I can answer those.
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