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I consider myself an alternachick because i feel like i am myself.I do not feel the need to fit in,look or dress a certain way,listen too a certain music,dress a certain style or color, i feel like i am myself.Alot of the time women try to fit in to be accepted,they bend and mold themselves into someone society agrees with, and for me, i am just, me.

I am a mother,wife,aunt,sister,daughter,preschool teacher,Nursing student,baker, scrap booker,i have tattoos,piercings, i listen to heavy metal and classical music, i play the classic violin and the bass guitar,i wear all black and every other color of the rainbow,avid video game player and i love mommy and me music classes....I am no one other than myself, i am an individual and there is no one like me and THAT makes me different then what society is used too
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