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Weekly Update - Week 6

Starting Weight - 260 lbs
Current Weight - 229 lbs
Loss this week - 4 lbs

WOW! As tough as I was feeling yesterday (see previous post), today is the opposite!

After getting 4 last week, and seeing the scale bounce all over the place this week, I was thinking week 6 might finally be the week I saw a 0, or 1lb loss. To see 4 instead was a really big surprise. I did not expect to lose a combined 8 lbs in weeks 5 and 6.

Also excited that this puts me >30lb loss in a month and a half and more than halfway to the big 200 number! I also feel like looking back at my nutrition and exercise that I have not short circuited anything and have done it right, hopefully...

I nailed my plan pretty well this week. Really didn't have any major excuses this week, just a few small things (in retrospect, not at the time) that I had to deal with.

Nutrition Observations

Mon - 1453 cals
Tue - 1850 cals
Wed - 1579 cals
Thu - 2005 cals
Fri - 1469 cals
Sat - 2100 cals
Sun - 1500 cals

As you can see my calories are still bouncing all over the place. This mostly because I do not (like many on here) meal plan to hit a certain number. I guess the real reason I am counting is to make sure I am eating enough, and better understand my "calorie/pleasure" curve, I'll explain that one in a future post.

I did not have any cheat days or even cheat meals really this week. Since I am not restricting any specific foods, I define a cheat meal as one where I eat a lot of calories or inappropriate portions (something like >800 cals). Also was able to keep my protein well above 100g every day.

I do need to start mixing up my food more, I'm not eating quite as many vegetables as I would like to/should. At this point I need to start expanding my food "repretoire" further to avoid any ruts.

Exercise Observations

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Gym
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Wii - EA Active
Saturday - Gym
Sunday - Rest (although did a short Wii - EA Active)

Great week of exercise. Continue to mix it up every day. The stair stepper still kills me compared to the other machines. I tried alternating sprints this week and did some jump training (OMG that was hard!).

Today I went up another weight bar on the machine bench press. I am now doing 50% more lbs on the bench (same reps) than I was 6 weeks ago, WOW!

I really need to go get fitted for running shoes, I'm really sick and tired of everything above my knees feeling like it can do more, and everything below my knees slowing me down. I hope new shoes will help.

Looking forward to next week
I am not travelling this week again (yes!) so no reason to not have another great week. I think this week the mental battles will start up worse. I need to start mentally preparing myself for a week of hard work followed by a -1, 0, or +1. If you look at my overall results there would be nothing wrong with that, but I think it will be tough for my brain. However it is probably inevitable so I need to prepare for it.

Other than that, onward ho! I need to keep focusing on making the right little decisions every day, thinking ahead, happening to my life instead of the other way around, and moving on quickly from mistakes.
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