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S/C/G: 236/224/180ish?

Height: 5'10"


Name: Lauren

General location: Kansas

Occupation: Student

Birthday: 9/21/88

Marital status: Engaged

Children/grandchildren: None

How long have you been on WW/Flex: About a month

How much weight do you hope to lose: Whatever is healthy and makes me happy

What do you do for exercise: Walk, stationary bike, exercise dvds

What foods help you stay OP: Vitatops, shrimp, ice cream bars, fruit, and veggies

Why do you think you'll be successful this time: The first time I lost weight I was motivated but I had never had any experience in support or maintaining weight. I also let life obstacles bring my success down.

What is the biggest obstacle between you and success: Being lazy.

How will/did you overcome this obstacle: One day at a time I'm staying OP and getting my butt off the couch.

What do you like to do for fun: I enjoy walking my dogs, make-up, blogging, and spending time with my loved ones.

What type of music do you like best? Variety

If you were on a deserted island for a month, by yourself, what 3 (only 3) items (not people) would you want with you? laptop (who knows maybe there's wifi ), food, and something to read

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