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Originally Posted by saef View Post
This is the cheesiest show I watch. It's my guilty pleasure, even more than any other reality TV show.
me too. I make the joke when they pause for commercial before showing someone's weight loss number: how do you keep an idiot in suspense? (talking about myself here, ha)

Originally Posted by saef View Post
That said, watching people losing weight healthily would be as entertaining as watching paint dry.
I'd agree with that too.

they actually do track percentages lost, that's how they determine the winner.

in my mind, the show does set up the perception of weight loss being a superfast process if a person does the right amount of exercise and diets correctly. while that may have some grain of truth in it, I think it's unrealistic for the vast majority of people who have large amounts of weight to lose to think they'll do it in a matter of months (double digits every week).

I love watching the transformations. they helps me to envision how different my life and body could (and will) be. I definitely feel like watching it motivates me to exercise and eat better.

I am conscious as a viewer, and the contestants actually talk about it quite a bit, that it's the opportunity of a lifetime to have that kind of help around them to lose weight, to completely concentrate on their eating and exercise with trained professionals in an isolated environment. much more valuable than any money prize. Yes, there's some sacrifice of personal dignity that's made in the public eye, but how many people remember most of the past shows, and for how long do they remember them? only a handful of TBL contestants have stuck in my mind.

it does seem to inspire a good number of people in the outside world to get off the couch and put down the potato chips.
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