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I think it does send the wrong message. It's very easy to watch the show and glorify the idea of weight loss instead of the actual process. People watch the show, I think, and come into weight loss with these completely unrealistic expectations, not taking into account that shows like the Biggest Loser create an environment in which weight loss, although it's never really easy, is much easier. The numbers become the main focus, although health is often taken into account as well, just on a minor level (I think.) Prizes aren't given for better cardiorespiratory health or lower blood pressure. The focus is on the pounds lost in context of what you previously weighed.

While logically a lot of people should be able to see that for most people those results are unrealistic unless in real world setting, where people have jobs and the like, it's very easy to buy into the idea of fast weight loss. I have. I'm still fighting that. I expect to lose a massive amount of weight in just a couple of days. It frustrates me that I have to wait, because I only see the results that people get in the media. I don't see their mental struggle.

I think most, if not all weight loss-related shows, have a negative impact on me...because it makes weight loss seem so easy. And it's just not. So, I end up feeling guilty for not being strong-minded, and then the cycle starts again.

Well, hopefully it won't this time.

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