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I think for some it sends the wrong message, and that is for those that don't see how much work the contastants put it. But the right message is calories in vs calories out. I have a Bodybugg, which i woud have never heard about without the show, it has proven t me calories in vs calorie out is all about the numbers and a cookie/peice of chocolate is NOT the end of my "diet" nor do I have to throw it all away. If I exercise hard and stick to my calories, I can lose weight.

I think if you listen to what they are not telling you, it is all about lifestyle..

The other thing I have learned watching this show, mostly from the where are they now, is that I willl aways have to live my life as a fat person. I will always have to count calories, and I will always have to excerise. just because I now like th number on the scale does not change what I have to do to maintain how I got here and will have to do to stay here.

For me it has been a positive message becuse although I appriciate the game part of it, I can see how it has changed me...
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