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Default Does Biggest Loser Send Wrong Message??

I have watched the Biggest Loser since the first season and was always filled with admiration for the contestants. I knew it must be extremely hard to be so overweight and go on national t.v. and expose not just your huge belly, but your inner emotions as well.

Two weeks ago I joined weight watchers. I have approximately 35-40 pounds to lose. Not even close to the amount the contestants on TBL have to contend with.

But having had my initial "starting weight" weigh in and two weigh-in's since, and losing a respectable 3.4 and 2.8 pounds, I have a question?

Could the show be sending the wrong message to people who need to lose weight by having these contestants lose so much at each weigh-in? Last night at Weight Watchers I was standing outside the weigh in area and the woman being weighed cried out, "But I expected A LOT more than just 4 pounds! I was hoping for a double digit!"

I am concerned that the show, while having a very admirable goal, may not be giving the public a realistic view of "true healthy" weight-loss.

What is your opinion?

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