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Weekly Update - Week 5

Starting Weight - 260
Current Weight - 233
Lbs Lost This week - 4

I'm very happy with a 4, at this point that I am now past the easy "low hanging fruit" I sort of have the number 3 in my head as a reasonable average so very excited with a 4. It also puts the 220's squarely in sight over the next week or two.

Observation of the Week - Embracing Randomness as a Benefit, not a Curse

I would describe my life as much less planned/scheduled/regular than most people. Due to my job, travel, and personal preferences, each day is very different. I don't wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, work the same hours, eat at the same time, or anything. In addition when I travel (2.5 days last week) it is obviously even more unscheduled/crazy.

In the past I've used this as an excuse for poor behaviours in regards to eating/exercise.

Instead I'm really trying to view this as a huge potential benefit to weight loss. I know that too much consistency, whether in diet or exercise, while vastly superiour to nothing, can also lead to plateauing and getting stuck. That should not be a problem I have. I work out differently every day and eat differently every day.......IF I COMMIT TO DOING IT. This *should* hopefully lead to my body not getting too stuck and actually helping with weight loss.

So my mental goal for the next several weeks is to embrace the Randomness as a benefit instead of using it as an excuse.

Food Observations

Mon - 1907 cals
Tues - 1467 cals
Wed - 2243 cals (on the road 3 meals out)
Thu - 1721 cals
Fri - 1291 cals
Sat - 1318 cals
Sun - 2460 cals (really bad lunch)

If I add up all the cals for the week I'm pretty happy. I'm also really happy with the quality of the calories, with really only 2 meals this week not being "on-plan".

I'm still really on the fence as to whether the pretty significant variation in my daily calories helps or hurts in comparison with having say 1800 calories exactly every day.

If anybody has any thoughts or knowledge on that topic I'd appreciate.

Right now it's workable so that's the #1 criteria, but I'm still curious.

I also discovered this week how much I love chopped salad over regular or tossed salads. I'm the person that will take all of Thanksgiving dinner and mix it up on my plate (to my wife's chagrin) so I guess it makes sense. I just wish there was some place around here that did good chopped salads.

I also discovered a new sweet tooth snack that I did a couple of times an hour or two after dinner (which we eat pretty early). A 60 calorie chocolate pudding cup with 3/4 cup (110 cals) of peanut butter captain crunch! While not the greatest thing in the world, for 170 calories it is an awesome combination of smooth and crunchy and super delicious. I do have to be careful with the PB Captain Crunch in the house though to stay away at other times of the day...

Exercise Observations

Mon - Gym
Tues - Gym
Wed - Short Gym at hotel + 4 miles of random walking around NYC
Thu - Nothing (left hotel at 7am and was booked until arrived home at midnight)
Friday - Gym
Saturday - Gym + 45 very active minutes at a bounce house
Sunday - Nothing (rest day)

Very good this week, a lot of quite varied workouts from the length to the time of day, etc. Most interesting observation came from Wednesday when I made an ill-advised early morning trip to the gym after getting very little sleep and tried to do too much and ended up feeling pretty miserable the whole time. I'm not going to give up on the gym before work on the road, but when travelling from west to east and not arriving until midnight is probably not a great time to "break it in"

I can also now do 20 consecutive "real" pushups, which is a huge improvement from 5 weeks ago.

Looking forward to upcoming week
I'm at home all week so should be able to have a good week. I think seeing the 220's is an achievable goal, but I'll be ok if I don't hit it. Biggest challenge this week will be getting to the gym since I like to go during the middle of the day and it will be a pretty busy work week. And Saturday we have 2 birthday parties to go to. Pretty short list so I need to get after it good this week. Since my wife is having kiddo 2 in a couple of months I'm trying to load up a ton of travel/work for the next 10ish weeks so I can have a lot of hometime when the new kid comes. Overworking and excessive travel is a huge challenge, hopefully these first 6 or so solid weeks will give me the motivation and habits to continue when it gets a lot harder.
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