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Originally Posted by Eliana View Post
Ok, what is whole foods then? I thought it was unprocessed, boxed stuff. I can make a cake without a box. So are whole foods items that already are? (awkward sentence) Something you can eat all by itself as in one item? I was thinking of "from scratch" being whole food as in containing items my grandmother would understand.
Definitions vary. Basically, you're doing good if you're eating foods your grandmother or great-grandmother would recognize.

Example: wheel of cheese vs. Cheez Whiz. Wheel of cheese would be considered a "whole food" because it's recognizable, contains ingredients that we could conceivably use ourselves and thus make the food ourselves, and doesn't contain chemical additives (depends on the cheese you buy, but you get the point).

Another example: homemade ice cream vs. low-fat no-sugar-added ice cream from the grocery store. Homemade ice cream is the product of milk and sugar and whatever flavor/additions you put in, fruit or whatever. Low-fat no-sugar-added ice cream from the store is a chemistry set, really. Barely food at all. Therefore, homemade ice cream is considered more of a "whole" food. That is not to say that a diet of homemade ice cream is a good choice! But if you're going to have ice cream, a better choice in terms of your body knowing what to do with it is an ice cream made as simply and "purely" as possible.

Plants are good to eat! Salads, veggies, fruits, whole oats...things that grew that way, or very close to that way (I'm really seriously not suggesting you eat, say, banana peels It's okay to peel your food! Although potato skins contain most of a potato's nutrients...). Meats that were raised the way the animal would live if it was wild. Dairy products that haven't had a whole slew of chemicals added to them. Good rule of thumb: if it contains an ingredient you cannot pronounce and could not identify if it slapped you upside the head, it's not a food. Why would you want to eat something that's not food?

BTW, your cake sounds yummy--I wish I could eat wheat, I'd raid your house!
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