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Month 1 Recap/Evaluation

It seemed appropriate since it's been a little over a month since I started the "plan" that's not really a plan, to go back and evaluate my original post and post some evaluations/thoughts.

Overall Official Weight Lost - 23 lbs

I guess one of the things that has been most positive about the last month was that I managed to get a great start despite the holidays. I was helped by a lighter than usual work schedule and not a lot of horrible travel.

So let me go back to the "Action Plan" I posted and see how I've done...


1. Gym M-F and most Saturdays
B+: Seems pretty fair here. I have definitely missed a few gym days here and there, but I don't think I've had a day where I didn't go to the gym out of laziness. The only day's I've missed have been days it was closed due to holidays, or a couple of travel work days where I didn't really have an opportunity.

2. Don't overthink weights
A+: I'm not weight training in the most ideal manner, but I'm making pretty significant progress. I'm doing about 30% more weight than I was doing a month ago and can already see some difference. More importantly I'm avoiding soreness to the point of not wanting to return the next day which is a huge motivational difference.

3. Vary cardio method/intensity
A+: I've been nailing this one and I think it's making a big difference. I do something different almost every day (and even vary length/intensity/combinations of these, including elliptical, treadmill, intervals, treadclimber, stairs, basketball drills, soccer drills, walking, wii active....

4. While traveling, gym before eating
B-: I've not done well with this, but not totally failed either. I've had two trips, both of which only had one full day on-site that wasn't a partial travel day. Both of those days I really didn't feel like working out in the gym, so opted for really long (1+ hrs) walks around the cities I was in. I think this is pretty reasonable, but not as intense as a gym workout.

5. Do mini-workouts throughout the day
B: I'm doing ok on this, and adding several additional "non official exercising" to my day, but not doing it as often as I hoped. Sweating is still aproblem and I don't really like to do something with the intensity that gets me to that point too often. But I can and should do a little better here, especially something right after waking up to get the blood flowing.

6. Incorporate physical activity into toddler time
A+: This has been going really well to the benefit of my daughter, myself, and my family overall. We do a lot more together, I don't hesitate to chase her laps around the house, always do "kiddo squats" or "kiddo kettlebells" several times and day and in general look at physical interactions with her as an opportunity for health/fun instead of a burden.


1. Total calories 1800-2000
A-: I've been doing really good overall in this area. Counting on TheDailyPlate has been huge for this and really opened my eyes to some things. I've only really had 2 days where I've gone much above 2k, and that was Christmas and NYE. This would be an A+ but I've dipped below 1500 calories more often than I probably should.

2. Portion Control
B: I'll give myself an A for portion control before it gets onto my plate (better than I would have expected actually) and a C for portion control if it's already on my plate, which is still a struggle.

3. Use TheDailyPlate to track calories
A+: I have done this faithfully every day since Dec 9th.

4. Don't "overchange" diet
A: What I have done has been workable, I'm not constantly hungry or craving things all the time. I've not tried to go all crazy with whole foods or anything that's a bit too drastic for me at this point. I have clearly passed on a few things that I would like to not pass on when I get to maintenance, but I haven't really felt like I was on a diet more than a few times.

5. Eliminate Desserts
A-: I haven't completely eliminated, but I would say that I've only had any dessert maybe 3 times in the last month and only one time (on NYE) did I have an inappropriate portion.

6. Focus on low fat/cals, high protein, avoid processed carbs
A: Typically have kept my protein vastly above fat, and rarely have carbs by themselves (like bread/chips/etc.) That said I have not gone overboard and still have some carbs in things, etc. I've been averaging well over 100g of protein every day.

7. 6 feedings a day all <500 cals
B: I was better at this the first week than I have been since. I do ok on this topic, I am definitely eating throughout the day, but if I look at my calories throughout the day, I'm still a little low in total before dinner and a little high at dinner.

8. Change eating on the road
A: On the positive side I've pretty much nailed this thus far. On the negative side it's probably the part of the "plan" that I've felt the most restricted (read: will be hard to keep up) by.

9. Supplements
A: Done fine here, been consistent

10. Always eat breakfast
B: If you count protein shakes as breakfast (which I do) than I've been doing well here. Another positive is that I've eaten really healthy breakfasts at hotels on the road.


1. Increase energy level - avoid crashes, consistent and higher level of energy all day.
Wow is all I have to say here. I would not have believed after a month how much better I feel. Forget pounds, inches, this alone is worth it. I used to get tired by daily activities, no more, and I rarely feel the need to veg out.

2. Increase energy level - be able to be more active with my toddler
See note above, but this has drastically changed as well, again this is way more valuable than pounds and inches.

3. Increase fitness level - run 5k w/o stopping
I'm still a ways from this one. Running is pretty tough for me to do for some reason, really hard on knees and ankles. I can now sprint at a 7-8 on the treadmill for 90 seconds at a time, but haven't really tried to jog say a mile as it just doesn't feel good. This is still a goal though.

4. Increase fitness level - be able to play anything and not be "dead" after 5 minutes
I'm miles ahead of where I was and miles from where I want to be. Anything with bursts of high intensity is still tough for me after 10 minutes or so but I'm making large strides from where I was Day 1.

5. Change Gut to Upper Body Proportion
On the one hand I can definitely tell a difference in the mirror, on the other hand I was large enough that even losing 23 pounds I feel like I am mostly evenly losing from everywhere so proportions haven't seen a huge different...yet. I think this will chance a lot from say 215 - 195 lb range.

6. Fit into 32 inch pants
I started pretty much maxing out my 42's. Now I am definitely in 40's and close to 38's (keeping in mind that I don't wear "tight" clothes). So seeing some progress but not quite as much as I might have expected given other results...

7. Fit into medium shirts
Still obv a ways away here. I can now go back to wearing many shirts that I've avoided wearing for a while, but still mostly XL's with a few L's here and there depending on fit.

Well that was a lot, but I felt it worthwhile to look back to the beginning. I don't really see the need at this point for any significant adjustments, if I hit a big plateau or something I might, but I'm hoping that I'm varying both food/exercise enough to avoid that (fingers crossed).
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