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Originally Posted by ubergirl View Post
The only book that really helped me, so far, is Overcoming Overeating by David Kessler. He explains a lot of the science of food, and how we get programmed to overeat-- and some of the insights about food craving really spoke to me.
Yes! I read that one and thier other one called When Women Stop Hating Thier Bodies. That and a few months of therapy and I am ready for my transformation! I really needed to tackle the mental side of this. Those books were a big help. I especially like the illustration about the dust that freezes everything. What would you do if a magic dust blew onto earth and you and everyone else would never gain or lose a pound? Would you go to the beach finally? Buy new clothes, try for a new job, get out and socialize, starve yourself, eat foods you hate, kill yourself at the gym, etc. Obviously, it's an illustration and we all are here because we want to lose weight, but the mental hang ups we have can prevent us from being successful. I took the book's suggestions to heart and got a new haircut, new clothes and really started taking care of myself. I feel beautiful even if I am overweight. For me, that series was very helpful. They describe a method for dealing with the eating disorder that is overeating (binge eating) that won't necessarily lead to weight loss but does help in breaking the eating disorder. I had to conquer that for a period of time before I could "trust" myself to try to lose weight the physically and mentally healthy way. It will always be a struggle for me, but I have tools now to deal with the struggle better than I could before.

I also like Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet. It's just common sense nutrition. Eat whole foods and feed your body often so you don't get hungry. I like her perspective and even though the word Diet is in the title, she promotes a lifestyle.
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