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Question Question re BFL last night's finale - pretty please?

I fell off the BFL-watching wagon a while ago only watched a few bits and pieces when I accidentally found it on while channel surfing.
Last night, I watched the finale but it was already on when I got to it.
My question is - there were 3 people one of which was supposed to win $100,000 - Debbie (? I think that was her name - a pretty young lady with short blond hair and very nicely shaped arms), then some guy and a grandmother (Rebecca??? - again, not sure). Debbie won - but can somebody tell me what "category" this was? I could not figure it out.

And by the way, the two guys (out of the 3 finalists) - one lost 52% and the other (the musician) 54% of their bodyweight - both lost over 200 lbs each - did anybody wonder how come they don't seem to have any loose skin? One of them wore quite a fitted shirt and I was wondering where all his skin went - hard to believe it would all shrink back so drastically with his decreasing weight - he had quite a belly originally. Anybody else wondered about this?

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