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I lost 3.6lbs this week, but went up in inches & 1% body fat??? Not sure why, but still 3.6 lbs!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!

As far as the Walden Farms issue, the sauces like the BBQ & Asian sauce are ok. They work to give the vegies a different flavor when I seem to get bored of yet more veggies. AS far as the salad dressings, I have tried the Ranch, Bacon Ranch & Russian & liked those. I have not cared for the French or the Honey one, I forget the exact name, it long ago it the trash. It of course is all a preference. You will find the same thing with the foods, you will like some & dislike some others. But this diet is great, I just finished week 8 & am down 33 lbs total since November. I won't be on this diet forever but I am learning how to eat & cook again in a healthy manner for me & the family.

As far as eatting out goes, I personally try to avoid it but have had a few occasions where I had to eat out. One day I had to go to a CHINESE BUFFETT of all things, I could have blowen my diet but I found things that made it work at that resturant. My recommendations is that if you know that you are eatting out, find their online menu & review it before going to help you make a wise choice! Good luck & I know you will like this diet as much as I do!


Week 1-4 18.8 lbs GONE
Week 5-8 13 lbs GONE
Week 9 3.6 lbs GONE
Week 10 1.8 lbs GONE
Week 11 1.0 lbs GONE
Week 12 4.0 lbs GONE
12 week total: 40.4 lbs
34.75 inches
9.7% Body Fat
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