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Hey Relder and Rachel,
congrats on choising the last diet you will ever be on. I had to go on this becuase of medical reasons I had some really bad ulcers and a hiatal hernia. So it was loose some weight or have surgery. I work a full time (plus) job and run a successfull business I have no time for surgery so I chose to lose weight wich is good for me anyway. My doc recomended this diet to me along with others and I really liked the info I found on this one so I started the 1st of October. I have already lost 30lbs and I feel great. The only thing that I did not think was great was the first two days i had a horrible headache but it went a way and now things are great. I have a very busy life and am always on the go so I had to find things that I could eat especailly at resteraunts. Echobaby is right most of them have fish, chicken or beef, and even mexican has a great Fajita salad most places. I think you will be surprised at what you find. you will also be surprised at how fast the weight comes off. My advise drink all of your water and take your vitamins. Keep checking back here becuase people post some great stuff. I looked at this site for about a month before I joined and I am so happy that I have. I have made some new friends and it is easy to talk to others who are going through the same as you are. They understand when I say I need Peanut Butter. Ha Ha

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